the project


Project presentation, 15 September 2021

Wedding tourism, involving travel for weddings and related events, is increasingly generating considerable induced revenue.

In Lombardy, a region that has rapidly become the second most popular wedding destination in Italy, after Tuscany, the Varese area, with its environmental beauty, exclusive locations, and the expertise of its operators, can increasingly leverage its advantages.

Varese Destination Wedding is a project initiated by the Camera di Commercio di Varese, with the aim of increasing the flow of tourists and visitors while extending their time spent in the area. The goal is to stimulate local economic growth through wedding tourism by promoting the beauty of Varese and enhancing both hospitality and catering serveces. Marketing efforts targeting this sector aim to boost the wedding and tourist economy of the area.

The Varese Destination Wedding project seeks to enhance the area's attractiveness in the wedding sector through various initiatives, with the development of cooperation between sector operators being a priority. Additionally, the programme includes the creation of training courses to improve the skills of operators, promotional campaigns nationally and internationally, the development of a web portal with a strong social media presence, and participation in specialised trade fairs.

The Varese Destination Wedding, project delves into specific details, including methods to attract new wedding-related events and facilitate networking among sector operators. It also entails organizing training courses, conducting promotional campaigns abroad, developing an active web portal with robust social media engagement, and participating in trade fairs. Moreover, the project involves directly organizing showcase events that showcase Varese's artistic, culinary, and artinasal excellence to highlight the creative potential of the territory, making it an appeling destination for future brides, grooms and their guests.


Varese Destination Wedding was created with a focus on attracting new marriages, particularly from outside the area, and on creating a network between operators in the sector. The support of Angelo Garini, a renowned project manager who holds a deep affection for our land, was invaluable in launching this project, which further diversifies the Camera di Commercio's commitment to the tourism development of the area, all to the benefit of accommodation operators and the entire economic system.



January 2024: With over 130 partners and the project's continuous growth, new demands arise. The team at the Camera di Commercio di Varese is expanding and focusing on evolving communication strategies and further enhancing relations with partners. The objective remains unchanged: to foster synergies, collaborations, incoming tourism and market growth.