Antica Fabbrica Confetti Ernesto Brusa

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Ernesto Brusa is a historic and prestigious brand of high confectionery as well as a modern company faithful to the values of its founder. The Gambero Rosso in fact recognises it as one of the best confectioners in Italy. Ernesto Brusa is also a high praline, thanks to the use of the finest chocolate from the finest cocoa blends, combined with dried and candied fruit and fine spices. Ernesto Brusa has made Varese one of the confectionery, capitals and his factory has always remained in the city. The only office is located in the modern and unmistakable red building at Via Molini Trotti 13 ('food hub' in Via Buccari, where other historic Varese confectionery and brewery companies are based), surrounded by greenery and near the banks of the Olona.

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Via Molini Trotti 13, 21100 Varese

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