Illusionismo ai Tavoli – Prestigiatore Mago

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Would you like an illusionist for your wedding reception but are tired of magicians who always perform the same shows? Then turn to Flavio Romano, who will show you the latest in Close-up Magic, the American-style professional prestidigitation. Flavio Romano performs his show in the pauses between the various courses of the menu, passing between the different tables to make all the guests participate. The freshness of the performance will be a pleasant and discreet surprise for your guests, creating curiosity and interest in prestidigitation. Among other services, the art of magician Flavio Romano is also available for private parties, galas and corporate dinners. Among the companies entertained were Nokia, Whirlpool, Polaroid, Vorwerk, Roche, Ricoh, DHL, Daikin... Making your event unforgettable will be even easier thanks to the magician and illusionist.

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