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Saponificio Varesino was founded back in 1945 in Brebbia (VA) near the shores of Lake Maggiore. Through perfecting the artisanal method combined with new processing techniques, it still produces today excellent laundry, toilet, flake and industrial soaps. Still preserving the old traditional Marseilles soap-making method, now the heritage of increasingly rare soap factories, Saponificio Varesino distinguishes itself by its ability to meet any need with top-quality basic soaps, even for third-party customer brands.

 Their collection consists of solid, liquids soaps and an all-male department dedicated to shaving.

Saponificio Varesino makes customisable collections and offers the possibility of creating customised favours and gift items.

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via per Cadrezzate 16, 21021 Brebbia (VA)

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