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Food truck at home or on location for your wedding is a new way of conceiving catering for events: a formula that combines high quality food and an original and elegant set-up, tailor-made for you. You can customize the menu, from sweet to savory, prepared with all our raw materials and following the seasonality of products. We offer the possibility of creating tasty appetizers or buffets of traditional desserts. The presence of our food truck at your ceremony can make the 'event unique and memorable, creating a fun and pleasant atmosphere without sacrificing elegance!

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For a special, original ceremony aimed at enhancing the products of the local area, you will need gourmet wedding favors that taste delicious and have fabulous packaging. Natura in Moto will think of all this, offering you sweet jams made with fruit grown and processed in-house. The packaging, then, will be in line with the style of the 'event organized, as well as cared for in every detail. The company will allow you to customize colors and graphics and will package your favors with different materials, from classic kraft paper, to jute.

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In the luxurious setting of a four-star resort, the Hotel Ristorante Bel Sit in Comerio is a candidate to be the ideal location for any kind of occasion. It also provides 31 comfortable rooms of different types. The staff will know how to offer first-class service, pampering guests and always making them feel at ease ... "You say YES, we'll take care of the rest!"

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Since the day man landed on the moon, Varese has had its own original Pirola signature aperitivo: pink, positive and always ready to celebrate. Hallmarks: inimitable taste, 18° alcohol, secret recipe, natural, seducing color and craftsmanship. Today I can be your idea of wedding favors and the aperitivo that welcomes your guests and then accompanies them late into the night, amid cocktails and rose-colored glasses in your hands. The original essence of Apollo 11 comes in many versions to respond in style to the bride and groom's most intimate wishes. From the creative idea to the craftsmanship, the result is always an exclusive object. Personalize your Apollo 11 and bring me to your most beautiful day.

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Il nostro matrimonio è stato indimenticabile! Tutto grazie a Varese Wedding Destination!

Laura Ferri

Grazie ai servizi offerti da Varese Wedding Destination, siamo riusciti ad organizare il nostro matrimonio alla perfezione, in poco tempo e senza spendere una fortuna: consigliatissimo!

Valeria Limbiaghi

Varese Wedding Destination è la svolta per tutte quelle coppie che stanno per affrontare il giorno più importante della loro vita! Grazie a questo portale, siamo riusciti a trovare tutti i fornitori, le location e i servizi più adatti alle nostre esigenze; grazie Varese Wedding Destination!

Federica Brunelli